Who We Are

EDSAArchitects, providing architectural services for over 35 years, is recognized as an innovative design leader and fully integrated architectural outfit. Our firm is built on the core values of professional excellence, design quality, integrity and collaboration. Our goal is to provide the best comprehensive solution for our clients, the community and environment. Our staff architects combined experience totals over 60 years. EDSAArchitects prospered under the leadership of Edmund Samson, Principal Architect, along with our experienced Associate Architects. The management process and specialized technical skills enable us to design highly elaborate multi-faceted projects.

We engage our clients in the design process to ensure the integration of their vision. EDSAArchitects has embraced a mission to create innovatively designed structures that are cost-effective, functional, durable, and aesthetic. Professional services have been completed for a number of multiple projects for our customers. Client satisfaction comes from trusted relationships as well as design performance, as expressed in the office mantra: ‘Do not promise if you cannot deliver.’ Many of our over 100 completed projects are significant and specialized facilities where effective results are necessary.

EDSAArchitects are fortunate to have a sizable share of projects and clientele in the local industry: Corporate Facilities, Cultural Projects, Financial Institutions, Memorial Facilities, Recreational Buildings, and Civic Projects. Office work typically involves: general building design, feasibility studies, master planning, project visual presentation, construction documents, cost estimating, interior design, bidding, and construction phase administration.

This extent of background and architectural experience provides the basis for fulfilling our client’s outlook along with these programmatic requirements with extensive knowledge and understanding. EDSAArchitects is creating, with our trademark design procedure, spaces that improve the way people: live, learn, work, value, recreate and transact business; enhancing the quality of life.

As a serious photography enthusiast, learning early on that technical edge must work together with creativity and expression of one’s emotions, Ar. Samson’s architectural works subtly shows his mastery in manipulating forms into a composition of visual interest. This in effect relates a strong rapport with his clients in order to fulfill an endeavor they actually need, albeit aesthetically, as highly desirable as well.

Architect Samson’s design creations are also greatly influenced by his love for travel, as reflected in most of his design sensibilities. He takes elements from the classic and emergent architecture in places like Southeast Asia, United States and Europe, and openly interprets them to match the distinction of the space and location.

Ar. Edmund Samson has been in the architectural mainstream for over 35 years.  As for his administrative capacity in related business industry, he also serves as Managing Director of Gothong Properties.

"I reflect at what I do and greatly amazed by it. Indeed, I feel so fortunate that I am being able to perpetuate a life.”


Our Services

EDSAArchitects provides a full range of architectural services related to the planning, design and analysis of the built environment including:


Master Planning

General Building Design

Space Planning

Feasibility Studies

Interior Design

Sustainable Design

Construction Documents

3D CADD Visual Presentations

Core Values

Our core values have been at the center of the organization for three decades. At EDSAArchitects, our success is driven by the following core values:

  • • Giving the highest regard to our clients as partners
  • • Designing to meet your needs
  • • Listening and collaborating with one another
  • • Running a reliable business model

  • • Working together as a team
  • • Creating responsive designs and innovative solutions
  • • Having a sense of responsibility, integrity and honesty
  • • Treating coworkers as members of success-driven workforce